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Industrial Rental Services Company In Nigeria - Hiring Store Online

Industries safety Nigeria ltd offer Services such as Rental of Industrial equipment rentals, Marine equipment, safety equipment, HSE Trainings, Instrument Test and Calibration Services, Road Marking and Traffic Installations, Fire Extinguisher Refilling and Recertification, Breathing Air Refilling, Cargo Safety Net Production, Industrial work Wear Production, Sludge, and Tank Cleaning Services.

Our Service is much cheap and secure in terms of pricing and quality. At safety Nigeria, We make sure all equipment is well organized and tested before giving it out to our client for its safety purpose.

Please email us at or call 09093333374,08064338888 with a description of the equipment you wish to rent or check our listed services with a full description below as well to make your choice.

1. Tugboat & Houseboat Leasing

Hiring an efficient tugboat or houseboat is an essential part of maritime operations. It is, after all, responsible for the safe arrival and departure of ships on the ports, and also necessary in emergency situations, such as open sea fires. Looking for where to hire Tugboat & Houseboat or Leasing service online in Nigeria? Safety Nigeria store is the best place to lease.>> Continue Reading

2. Industrial Equipment Rental

Welcome to Industries Safety Nigeria, Your number one Safety, Marine, Construction rental services online in Nigeria. We Render So Many Services such as Rental of Industrial equipment, Marine equipment, safety equipment e.t.c.

Our Service is much cheap and secure in terms of us. We make sure all equipment is well organized and tested before giving it out to our client for its safety purpose. We also make sure to deliver on the due date of the agreement. Have you been looking for where to hire, rent or lease industrial safety equipment for your workshop or working site? Industries Safety Nigeria aka is the right place to get it all done.>> CONTINUE READING

3. HSE Training

As one of the leading HSE training institutes or companies, We give global-level preparation and issue world-perceived endorsements or Certificates. With our group of all-around prepared and experienced staff, we produce labor of different capabilities, abilities, and capacities. We either train at our completely prepared office or at the organization's site.

Industries Safety Nigeria offers and trains safety officers or none officers on the best practice to work. Hse general certificate is compulsory for anyone who wants to work in the industry or safety company. Safety Nigeria has a subsidiary company "Inclineworks International Limited" which takes care of all the training including the HSE. You will find below courses we can train you on and not limited to it.>> CONTINUE READING

4. Instrument Test And Calibration Services

Industries Safety Nigeria gives comprehensive Instrument Testing services as a feature of our Electrical Testing and Maintenance services. We perform Instrument Testing for mechanical plants, enormous business offices, and metropolitan power stations. We are free 10 hours every day, 6 days per week, and are the upkeep manager's best option for electrical testing, support, and fix. Industries Safety Nigeria with a subsidiary company "Inclineworks International Limited" mission is to give the most elevated conceivable client care at a reasonable and moderate value that is helpful to both our self and our demographic. Each Instrumentation testing and calibration testing performed by Industries Safety Nigeria is upheld by our 100% consumer loyalty ensure. In the event that any instrument calibrated ever needs to recalibrate, Industries Safety Nigeria will readily recalibrate the device until it satisfies industry guidelines. Loose gear can prompt expensive blunders that may be hazardous to representative security. At Industries Safety Nigeria, we comprehend that our client's security is the main factor. Accordingly, we endeavor to guarantee that testing gear is entirely aligned as well as could be expected. Our promise is upheld by our year's palatable client assistance input and legit support by bringing customers back.>> CONTINUE READING

5. Road Marking And Traffic Installations

Industries Safety Nigeria is professional road construction, road marking company based in Nigeria. We are an indigenous and private company that produces and install traffic signs, health and safety, and provides surface marking services; using national and international best practices to ensure the highest standards in workmanship and service delivery. So as a customer of Industries Safety Nigeria, you will find that our service goes beyond the completion of a brief.

It is our mission to provide high-quality road marking products and unique customer service to both public and private organizations at an affordable price. Our experienced and highly trained crew are capable of expertly tackling any job, on any surface, whatever the scale. From major infrastructure projects to a few meters of the white line, Industries Safety Nigeria with its subsidiary company named "Inclineworks International Limited" is flexible enough to deliver the right solution. We produce our traffic signs locally at our factory and also provide related traffic management solutions.>> CONTINUE READING

Industrial Rental Services Company In Nigeria - Hiring Store Online

6. Fire Extinguisher Refilling And Re-Certifications

Industries Safety Nigeria is a Professional Fire Protection Inspection and Certification Testing Company conducting National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-10) compliant Inspection Services enforced by the Fire Marshal to Inspect, Recharge, Test, Maintain and Certify Commercial Portable Fire Extinguishers. We are Experts in NFPA-10 Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection Certification, 6 Year Teardown Maintenance, and 10 Year Hydrostatic Testing and Certification Services which help keep Business Owners Fire Code Compliance.

We do this by resolving current Code Violations and planning ahead by designing effective Suppression Systems or retrofitting currently Installed Systems. Yet, the optimal way for a Business Owner to ensure their business is always compliant is to conduct regularly scheduled Inspections having their Extinguishing Equipment Maintained by Industries Safety Nigeria, a Licensed Professional.>> CONTINUE READING

7. Breathing Apparatus Air Refill Services

For reliable breathing apparatus services, nobody does it better than Industries Safety Nigeria. Our workshop facility has a specialist refilling compressor that’s capable of recharging cylinders up to 350bar of pressure with filtered breathable air. We also provide professional routine maintenance and repair services that are crucial for keeping your equipment in proper working order. With an outstanding team of experienced engineers, you can rest assured that your diving cylinders and breathing apparatus cylinders are in good hands. The dangers associated with breathing contaminated air are critical when using SCBA tanks in emergency situations. To ensure SCBA air quality, CAN3-Z180.1-00 (Section 15.2) requires that air produced by the breathing air system shall be submitted for purity analysis at least once every 6 months. Additional analyses shall be required following major overhaul modifications or extensive repairs to the breathing air system. Many companies have adopted a 3-month air testing schedule and maintenance program.>> CONTINUE READING

8. Cargo Safety Net Production

Industries Safety Nigeria With over 5 years of experience in the cargo net, sling and rigging industries, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your heavy rigging and lifting needs. When Only the Best is Good Enough!

Since the beginning of cargo net production in 2015, Industries Safety Nigeria employees have hand-crafted over one thousand cargo nets around the globe. Our employees take pride in cutting, gluing, and sewing cargo nets that secure the shipments vital to our customers located throughout the globe. When a load of supplies, equipment, or humanitarian aid needs to travel around the world via Air cargo plane, ship, etc, Industries Safety Nigeria cargo nets secure those important loads.>> CONTINUE READING

9. Industrial Workwear Production

Whether full- or part-timers; mechanics, machinists, line workers, installers, technicians, office staff, supervisory personnel, or front-line sellers, Industries Safety Nigeria has the workwear solutions to meet the needs of your business for Industrial Workwear Production. We manufacture a wide range of workwear uniforms at our factory. We have been supplying major companies with their garment requirements since 2015, and have established an excellent reputation for quality and customer service.>> CONTINUE READING

10. Sludge And Tank Cleaning Services

Industries Safety Nigeria is a tank cleaning and related services company in Nigeria. We have practical experience in tank cleaning and related duties – offshore, on boats and fixes, and at onshore offices. We are solid and trustworthy. We clean unrefined wash or handling tanks regardless of the interior arrangements; FPSO, 

Tank cleaning includes discovering cleaning techniques that limit the natural effect and making turn out ok for operators – at the least expense conceivable. Arranging and time to plan are vital pieces of that interaction. Our BlueTag quality affirmation framework furnishes us with mastery and capability from around the world. It permits us to look at projects together to track down the most ideal arrangements where climate, cost, safety, and quality are concerned.

We are the foremost service provider for industrial cleaning, tank cleaning, chemical cleaning, and remediation services. Our world-class tank cleaning services developed using innovative direct injection processes and robotic cleaning technologies. Utilizing our techniques, we not only can clean your tank but to lower your waste disposal costs and minimize your tank’s downtime. CONTINUE READING

You can always reach us with below contact details

Call: 0909333337408064338888