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List of products by manufacturer Howard Leight

Get all Howard Leight by Honeywell ear protective equipments (earplugs & earmuffs) at the lowest prices online. Buy Honeywell earplugs, shooting ear protection, earmuffs, shooting sports earmuffs, wireless earmuff, ear defender, ear protector, hearing protective equipment, hearing products, ear safety and much more. Protect 34 decibels noise level with Honeywell hearing protection.

Howard Leight leads the industry by offering the most choices of in-ear hearing protection. And as the leader in innovation, only Howard Leight is continually developing new designs, materials and technologies that take comfort and protection to the next level.

Turn to Howard Leight when you're in a tough, industrial environment and you need to block noise. Products like Noise Blocking Earmuffs, Reusable Earplugs and Disposable Earplugs will keep your crew safe.