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  • Slip Resistance Is Vital For PPE
    Slip Resistance Is Vital For PPE
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    SLIP RESISTANT SOLE EXPERTS As a company that deals with safety footwear, we need to consider a number of factors. Anti-slip soles, however, are one of the most important parts of safety shoes, also according to EN ISO 20345, all safety shoes must have at least one type of non-slip sole. Slides, travel and falls are the main causes of accidents at work. They often cause serious injuries to installers, construction workers, plumbers, oil tankers and ambulance personnel. This usually results in...

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  • Waterproof Work Boots & Shoes
    Waterproof Work Boots & Shoes
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    WATERPROOF WORK BOOTS ARE NOT JUST FOR RAIN It is more than likely that you will be caught in the rain somewhere during a normal workday. When you get caught in a downpour, you usually return home taking off your wet socks and spotting a pair of wrinkled legs. Waterproof work boots or waterproof Safety Jogger work boots are key to avoiding such a situation. Keep your feet dry, without losing comfort. The typical working environment of work boots in contact with liquids is not limited to...

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  • See The Most Comfortable Work Shoes
    See The Most Comfortable Work Shoes
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    Be painless in any work environment with comfortable work shoes. Work harder and stop wasting time dealing with sore muscles or feet. Our collection of modern and comfortable work shoes is designed to provide all-day comfort. Most of you work about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week all year round, so the last thing you want is discomfort and pain in your feet. The Safety Jogger offers comfortable work shoes, suitable for heavy outdoor work and requiring intense activities. For you, we have...

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  • Garmin GPSMAP 78s Features in Details And More To Know.
    Garmin GPSMAP 78s Features in Details And More To Know.
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    For boaters and watersports enthusiasts who want to run with the best, the rugged GPSMAP 78s features a 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, crisp colour mapping, high-sensitivity receiver, new moulded rubber side grips, plus a microSD™ card slot for loading additional maps. And it floats! Explore GPSMAP 78s comes with built-in worldwide basemap, so you can navigate anywhere with ease. And, like the rest of the 78-series, 78s is IPX7 waterproof and even floats in water.

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  • What Are Indoor or Outdoor Safety Glasses?
    What Are Indoor or Outdoor Safety Glasses?
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    With the multitude of shadow and lens application options available in the world of goggles, it can often be difficult to determine the right model for your specific application. If you cannot understand the term "inner/outer lens", you will find more information about this type of lens below and a discussion of its specific benefits.

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  • ESD or Antistatic Safety Shoes?!
    ESD or Antistatic Safety Shoes?!
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    Both ESD and Antistatic safety shoes are conductive safety shoes. This means that they protect electrical equipment by sending electrical (conductive) charges to the ground, preventing static shocks, loads or sparks. Conductive safety shoes are used in industries where the static impact is a problem or can cause a fire or explosion and are not the same as insulating safety shoes, such as EH safety shoes, which prevent finishing. the electrical circuit to ground.

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  • Windsock Heavy Duty High Visibility - What You Need To Know About Windsock
    Windsock Heavy Duty High Visibility - What You Need To Know About Windsock
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    A windsock is a conical shape textile tube (which resembles a giant sock, hence its name) designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed. It is normally placed next to the runway or a helipad so that pilots can clearly see it after lining up on the runway or coming in for a landing. It´s also indicated on most airport ground charts with this little symbol. During night operation it is well lit either from the ground or lamps installed within the sock.

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  • What To Know About 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
    What To Know About 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
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    3M Spray cleaner & polish for all stainless steel surfaces which are not in direct contact with food. Cleans and polishes stainless steel in one operation. It eliminates dirt, fingerprints, greasy residues on all types of stainless steel kitchen surfaces. It leaves an invisible protective film which slows down the build-up of dirt particles. Yields best results in combination with 3M scouring pads for delicate surfaces.

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  • Details And What You Have To Know About Traffic Speed Ramps or Speed Bumps
    Details And What You Have To Know About Traffic Speed Ramps or Speed Bumps
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    Speed ramps are highly effective traffic calming devices that are ideal for use in commercial and residential areas. Sometimes known as ‘Sleeping Policemen’, speed humps are designed to slow vehicles down to safe speeds of between 5mph and 15mph. Manufactured from high-density, recycled rubber, our speed ramps are low-maintenance, weather-resistant and exceptionally tough. In comparison to conventional concrete or asphalt speed bumps, our rubber ramps offer a smooth and quiet ride, with no...

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  • Personal Safety, Whose Responsibility?
    Personal Safety, Whose Responsibility?
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    Irrespective of the nature of your job, your personal safety is non-negotiable. Risky jobs attract higher pay.  Over the past decades, Health Safety Officers and scholars have given their view as regards this issue. However, this brings us to the question. Who is responsible for safety on the job? Is it the government, the company, the boss or the other members of a crew? Actually, all of them have a responsibility for safety. But ultimately, the challenge is personal. When an accident...

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  • Material Handling – A necessity for every manufacturing plant
    Material Handling – A necessity for every manufacturing plant
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    The importance of material handling to operations and manufacturing plants cannot be overemphasized. In any organization, a considerable amount of material handling is done in one form or the other. This is to emphasize that material handling is very crucial because all the materials should be handled well in order to keep it safe, to reach its destination safely and to maintain their quality and condition. In other words, good materials handling is important.

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  • Construction Safety, What You Have To Know? (reference to OSHA)
    Construction Safety, What You Have To Know? (reference to OSHA)
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    Nearly 6.5 million people work at approximately 252,000 construction sites across the nation on any given day. The fatal injury rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average in this category for all industries. Potential hazards for workers in construction include: Falls (from heights); Trench collapse; Scaffold collapse; Electric shock and arc flash/arc blast; Failure to use proper personal protective equipment; and Repetitive motion injuries.

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  • Choosing An Emergency Eyewash Station
    Choosing An Emergency Eyewash Station
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    As the safety expert, you have the important responsibility of understanding and complying with OSHA and ANSI guidelines for emergency eyewashes. While choosing the right emergency eyewash station for your workplace may appear difficult, it is really quite simple once you teach yourself with a few simple criteria: ANSI and OSHA requirements Eyewash station choices available Flushing solutions associated with the different types and models of eyewash stations The respective maintenance and...

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  • Some industrial safety equipments you need at your workplace
    Some industrial safety equipments you need at your workplace
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    Specialized industrial safety equipment may also include fire safety measures, such as extinguishing systems or specially designed to withstand high temperatures. These gadgets are designed to protect life and properties with which they are working. While most workplace settings are required to keep a fire extinguisher on hand, specialized fire safety equipment is necessary for every industrial setting where fire or extreme temperatures pose a serious threat to workers and property 

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