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      Diesel Hydrometer


      Diesel Hydrometer for testing density and quality of diesel in corporate offices ,banks,schools ,residence,factory, do you know that a large number of diesel  suppliers mix it with other substance like kerosine to maximise profit, with this simple unit  you will be able to detect  the fake diesel

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      Industries Safety Nigeria diesel testing kit can be used to detect low quality diesel that leads to poor combustion causing environmental hazards such as black smoke that can be inhaled as oxygen which has health consequences to the human body.

      Diesel Hydrometer
      The diesel hydrometer is an instrument used to measure the density of the diesel you intend to buy. The quality diesel will show 0.850(DPR standard) which is the density of a good diesel fuel. Knoxx  diesel kit helps you differentiate between a fast burning  or adulterated diesel from a good one, thereby saving you in excessive fuel bills, like stop start operation or short run time which is bad for business.

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      Andrew U07/06/2020
      Genuine industrial Product.

      This product is genuine without any form of adulteration its tested and trusted, i recommend it for all industrial usage, No cause for alarm you are Always Secured with Industrial Safety Nigeria product and services.

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        Diesel Hydrometer

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        Diesel Hydrometer

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