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  • Steps to carry out accurate calibration
    Steps to carry out accurate calibration
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    Calibration is important because it helps ensure accurate measurements, and accurate measurements are foundational to the quality, safety, and innovation of most products and services we use and rely on every day. The accuracy of all measuring devices degrades over time. This is typically caused by normal wear and tear. However, changes inaccuracy can also be caused by electric or mechanical shock or a hazardous manufacturing environment (e.x., oils, metal chips, etc.).

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  • Fundamental ways to communicate safety messages in your company
    Fundamental ways to communicate safety messages in your company
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    Communication is a process by which information or messages is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, or through some other medium. Good communication is critical to good health and safety. It is also one of the areas that many organizations fail to address properly when it comes to improving the companies safety standards.

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  • Metal work and injuries
    Metal work and injuries
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    With over 47,000 laborers moving materials by hand in metal fabrication, gloves are definitely necessary. At some point, every machine shop worker, fabricator, assembler, and welder will have to handle materials, mostly metal. Workers' hands are exposed to numerous hazards throughout the metal fabrication process.

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  • Flat webbing lifting belt and color coding
    Flat webbing lifting belt and color coding
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    Contact Industries safety Nigerian for your ideal 8 tons flat polyester woven webbing sling. The sling is made from high-quality polyester material that makes it easy to pack away, so you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy equipment around with you.

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  • How to properly use a ladder
    How to properly use a ladder
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    A ladder is a piece of gear comprising of repeated bars or steps (rungs) between two upstanding lengths of metal, wood, or rope, utilized for moving up or down something. There are various types of ladders for different events. Farming and gardening activities often require the use of ladders to access work areas or materials that exceeds the worker's reach. Businesses and tradespeople also require ladders too.

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  • Best Lockout/Tagout Station For Work
    Best Lockout/Tagout Station For Work
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    The term “Lockout Tagout” refers specifically to procedures used to ensure that equipment is shut down and inoperable until maintenance or repair work is completed.  Lockout, Tagout is a safety procedure used in industry and research settings to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not able to be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or repair work. If lockout tag-out practices are not observed workers can be seriously injured or killed by the machinery...

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  • Basic fire safety at homes
    Basic fire safety at homes
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    Fire is one of the biggest threats to the property with losses adding up to billions of dollars in damages every year. Of the average “354,400" home structure fires per year”, most were caused by cooking (49%), followed by heating equipment (14%), which presents an added level of risk during winter lockdowns, Electrical distribution, and lighting equipment (10%), intentional (8%) this includes fires started by children. Smoking materials (5%). Other causes that don’t make the top five candles...

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  • 12 Basic laboratory safety rules
    12 Basic laboratory safety rules
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    Laboratory safety is a measure against laboratory accidents and to minimize the risk of injury or illness to laboratory workers by ensuring that they have the training, information, support, and equipment needed to work safely in the laboratory. In many countries, laboratory work is subject to health and safety legislation. In some cases, laboratory activities can also present environmental health risks, for example, the accidental or deliberate discharge of toxic or infective material from...

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  • Use of Safety Harness
    Use of Safety Harness
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    A safety harness is personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect a person or object from fall, injury, or damage. Working at height is one of the biggest causes of injury (HSE) and fatality in the workplace. On construction sites and in warehouses, the risk of falling means that serious personal injury is a possibility. It's important that workers and managers take a proactive approach to correctly using safety harnesses. The health and safety executive has produced a guide to the...

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  • Overview of Round Webbing Lifting Belt and colour coding
    Overview of Round Webbing Lifting Belt and colour coding
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    Lifting belts are also known as lifting slings and rigging slings are made of cable, rope or webbing, chain, and are used with a lift or crane to safely move large loads. They are used for lifting various types of material, these products find application in many construction sites, companies, and industries. Belts come in many styles, sizes, and colours. Some have straps and some do not. Some are air-filled. They can be made of leather, nylon, and many other materials. Most industrial...

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  • Importance of face shields in the workplace
    Importance of face shields in the workplace
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    Workers need face shields across a multitude of industries to ensure reliable protection from numerous hazards. Face shields are essential personal protective equipment used by workers (medical, welders, scientists) to prevent harm or burn on the face. Wearing face protection is one of the simplest ways to shields one's face from the elements faced at work. 

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  • Importance of cleaning and disinfecting your safety equipment.
    Importance of cleaning and disinfecting your safety equipment.
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    Cleaning refers to the removal of germs and dirt from surfaces in order to lower the risk of infection while disinfecting is a process that uses chemicals to kill germs. It is important to choose the right equipment for a certain job. An important part of cleaning is possessing the proper equipment. Without proper equipment, you will be unable to do the work you are expected to carry out. Sometimes this equipment will literally be the tool you need to complete your job, other times, this...

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