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Chemical, gas, and hazardous material signs call attention to dangerous substances in an area to help people avoid accidental contact or exposure that can lead to eye or skin irritation, burns, respiratory trouble, or other health issues. These hazard signs also reduce the risk of facility damage by helping to prevent accidental mixing of chemicals or ignition of flammable materials. Biohazard signs warn of nearby biological waste or harmful toxins. Chemical hazard and storage signs denote areas where chemicals are used or stored. Cylinder signs point out where gas cylinders are kept. Emergency shower and eye wash station signs direct workers to areas where they can wash off hazardous chemicals after exposure. Flammable material signs indicate items in an area that could ignite if a spark is present. Hazardous atmosphere signs denote areas that are dangerous for workers to be in. Hazardous waste signs help deter unauthorized people from entering areas where hazardous waste is present.