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Confined Space

Shop confined space entry equipment online in Safety Nigeria. Here you'll find Safety Nigeria’s full selection of products to address the Confined Space hazard. We sell an extensive range of confined space equipment that is designed to keep you safe whilst entering, escaping, and working within an enclosed space. Here, you will find a variety of tripods, winches, fall arrest blocks, and several other items considered essential for anyone who works in confined spaces. Confined space equipment sold in Safety Nigeria are all manufactured to the highest quality and specifically designed to keep workers safe in enclosed spaces. For example, our confined space tripods and winches allow for safe, easy entry and escape, and they can be used to keep you from falling or getting trapped while work is taking place. Browse all Confined Space and Gas Detection products easily in our store.

We also offer a variety of other items, such as gas detectors, breathing devices, and safety harnesses. Enclosed workspaces such as pipes, pits, sewers, silos and tanks can be extremely hazardous for the people who work within them. Common risks include drowning, lack of oxygen, exposure to poisonous gases, and loss of consciousness due to high temperatures. Variety of rescue tripod systems, blowers, gas detectors & manhole equipment for confined space entry

Everyday across the country, workers enter a number of different types of confined spaces. These entries are usually meant for testing, inspections, cleaning, or repair. Specifically speaking, a confined space is any space that has a limited number of openings for entry and exit, may produce or contain toxic air contaminants, has a high amount of concentrated inert gas, is not meant for long periods of occupancy, and could have an atmosphere that is dangerously lacking in oxygen

A confined space is a place that is substantially (although not always entirely) enclosed where there is a risk of death or serious injury from hazardous substances or dangerous conditions (e.g. lack of oxygen). Very often, injuries and deaths occur as a result of work being carried out such as welding, painting, flame cutting, use of chemicals. Confined spaces can contain hazards which are undetectable by eye and therefore access during the construction process can be doubly hazardous as the normal senses may give no warning. Places can also become confined spaces during construction work, fabrication or modification. Examples include: chambers, closed tanks, silos, vats, pits, trenches, Sewers and Pipelines, sewers, drains, Reaction Vessels, Trenches, flues, ductwork, unventilated or poorly ventilated rooms, etc.

Safety Nigeria can provide timely shipments from our conveniently located warehouses across the country. Browse our large collection of confined space catalogue and place your orders now. You can place your orders over the phone via, order hot-lines 070033338888, 08064338888, 09093333374 or send us an email to

Place your products now, Safety Nigeria will deliver directly to your door step. We deliver in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Warri, Eket, Ibadan, kano, Jos, Enugu, Asaba, Benin. Delivery time is 12-48hrs in Lagos; and next day delivery for locations outside Lagos. If your Location is not listed, don't worry we still have a way to reach your Location.