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Safety light sticks, or glow wands, from Safety Nigeria can provide a light source for hours in emergency situations and fire and rescue operations. Disposable, maintenance-free lightsticks can come in a variety of sizes and colors. A glow wand can provide a safe, dependable light source because it does not generate heat, sparks or flame, and its illumination is not affected by wind or rain. Lightsticks can have a shelf life of up to four years. Find them at Safety Nigeria today!

Turn to Safety Nigeria for the emergency light sticks and emergency light stick accessories that you need to help you find your way around and out of potentially dangerous low-light environments where there is no other light available. Lightsticks can also be used as an effective signaling tool when stranded on the side of the road or in other remote locations with no access to electricity. Count on Safety Nigeria to provide you with the products and equipment that you need to help you find your way to safety in just about any emergency situation.

Emergency lighting and accessories provide light and mark exits to help prevent injuries in emergency situations such as a power failure. Emergency lights turn on when the power goes out to supply a limited amount of light for those within the building. They're typically used along with exit signs to aid building evacuations. Lightsticks are a temporary light source that people can carry with them to find exits, conduct searches, signal for help, and direct traffic. Emergency lighting accessories include battery backup and standby power systems to keep lights on during a power outage.