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Bulb and lamp recycling products assist in light bulb disposal and removal to allow safe handling and promote light bulb recycling efforts. They're used for managing broken or burnt-out bulbs to minimize the risk of cuts or exposure to potentially harmful vapors or hazardous substances. Use bulb and lamp crushers to free up storage space for spent bulbs before sending them off for proper disposal with recycling kits.

Lighting products supply light for emergency situations, general work environments, and specific job tasks. They include industrial lighting fixtures, shop lights, garage lighting, LED lighting fixtures, emergency lighting, light bulbs, and more. Job site and task lighting, such as temporary lighting or medical lighting or machine tool lights, provide hands-free lighting for general job-site work or specific tasks. Lamps and light bulbs can be used in permanent light fixtures while portable lamps and flashlights are handheld tools used for temporary or general lighting. Ballasts, lighting controls, and replacement parts are used to maintain and operate a lighting system.