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      Victor Journeyman Welding Set
      • Victor Journeyman Welding Set
      • Victor Journeyman Welding Set

      Victor Journeyman Welding and Cutting Set 0384 -2100

      Victor Welding Equipment

      Victor Journeyman Welding and Cutting Set 0384 -2100 Replaces 0384-2036. The Victor Journeyman Edge 2.0 Plus with CGA 510 (male) acetylene regulator is an extra heavy-duty welding & cutting outfit for industrial and commercial use. It features Victor's improved Edge 2.0 oxygen and acetylene regulators and comes complete with the H315FC+ torch handle with built-in flash arrestors and CA2460+ cutting attachment. The Journeyman 2.0 includes one 1-101 cutting tip, three W series welding nozzles, and one 8-MFA heating nozzle.

      •Heavy Duty Outfit

      •Patented built-in flashback arrestors and check valves

      •One cutting attachment for all fuel gases (with proper tip)

      •Leading EDGE design regulators.

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      Victor Journeyman Edge 2.0 Plus Welding & Cutting Outfit #0384-2101

      The Journeyman EDGE 2.0 Outfit comes with everything you need to get started: CA 2460+ cutting attachment, WH 315FC+ welding handle, cutting tip, tip cleaner, heating nozzle, striker, goggles, hose, welding nozzles and two EDGE 2.0 regulators.

      Kit Includes:

      1. Edge 2.0 Series Regulators with Gauge Guards (540/510)
      2. WH315FC+ Extra Heavy Duty Torch Handle
      3. CA 2460+ Extra Heavy Duty Cutting Attachment
      4. Welding Nozzles, Sizes:1, 3, 5
      5. 8 MFA Heating Nozzle
      6. 1-1-101 Cutting Tip
      7. CA 2460+ extra heavy-duty cutting attachment
      8. H315FC+ extra heavy-duty torch handle
      9. T-grade hose 20' x 1/4" (6.1 m x 6.4 mm)
      10. Striker and tip cleaner
      11. Soft-sided shade 5 goggles
      12. Built-in flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves

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      Welds 3/64" - 1/2" with included nozzles (or up to 3" with optional nozzles)

      Cuts up to 3/4" with included tip (or up to 8" with optional tips)

      Heats up to 117,600 BTUs/hour with included nozzle, 323,000 BTU/hr with optional nozzles

      Victor Welding Equipment

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      Victor Journeyman Welding Set

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        Victor Journeyman Welding and Cutting Set 0384 -2100
        Victor Journeyman Welding Set

        Victor Journeyman Welding and Cutting Set 0384 -2100

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