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      Brasso Multi Purpose Metal Polish: 8 OZ
      • Brasso Multi Purpose Metal Polish: 8 OZ
      • Brasso Multi Purpose Metal Polish: 8 OZ
      • Brasso Multi Purpose Metal Polish: 8 OZ

      Brasso Multi-Function Metal Polish


      This Product version or type has been discontinued, Please use Brasso Metal Multi-purpose Polish Here as a replacement.

      Brasso Metal Polish 100ML, 200ML, 175ML, 50ML, 75ML quickly and gently removes grime from a number of surfaces including brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel and pewter. The polish contains no harsh acids and leaves a smooth polished surface with a fantastic shine. Shake well. Apply with a soft cloth. Polish off with a dry soft cloth before the polish has completely dried.

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      Brasso Metal Polish Longer lasting shine For brass, copper, stainless steel and chrome

      Metal Wadding Polish

      Longer Lasting Shine - excellent results on brass, copper and other metals.

      Brasso Metal Polish keeps metal looking immaculate. For use on brass, copper, stainless steel and chrome, this product has been specially designed to provide excellent results and a longer-lasting shine. These wadding pads have been impregnated with cleaning fluid meaning there is no need to get an extra cloth dirty. Brasso Metal Polish Wadding has been in use for over a century - it has truly stood the test of time - and this product will continue to maintain the lustre of metal surfaces in the future.

      To use Brasso Metal Polish Wadding remove the wadding and apply evenly to the desired metal surface in small circular motions. Once evenly applied leave for a few minutes before buffing with a dry cloth.

      Brasso was established in Britain over 100 years ago and has been trusted to keep your brass, copper, stainless steel and chrome polished ever since. The composition of our product has changed very little in the last century, it's that reliable, and our old cans are often collected as examples of classic British advertising. In 2010 we brought out our first new product in 110 years, Brasso Gadgetcare, an incredibly versatile non-abrasive gel for use on anything from LCD TV screens to iPhones, in order to assure the cleanliness of our customers' modern gadgets too. Brasso has always been committed to keeping your household valuables as clean as they can be.

      By Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Manufacturers of Antiseptics, Air Fresheners, Polishes, Cleaners and Laundry Products Reckitt Benckiser plc, Slough

      Maintain your metal with Brasso Metal Polish Wadding

      For use on brass, copper, stainless steel and chrome

      Longer lasting shine

      Easy to use

      Gives you excellent results that have stood the test of time


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      New product
      Andrew U06/30/2021
      product appraisal

      This is the best product I ever got here in Nigeria, it actually served me perfectly well, all thanks to industries safety Nigeria for always supplying quality products

        Andrew U07/06/2020
        Genuine industrial Product.

        This product is genuine without any form of adulteration its tested and trusted, i recommend it for all industrial usage, No cause for alarm you are Always Secured with Industrial Safety Nigeria product and services.

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          Brasso Multi-Function Metal Polish

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          Brasso Multi Purpose Metal Polish: 8 OZ

          Brasso Multi-Function Metal Polish

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