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Justrite Safety Can

Justrite Safety Can
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Safety cans from Safety Nigeria are the secure way to store flammable fuels, and help prevent hazardous accidents and mishaps.....

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One gallon of vaporized gasoline can explode with the same force as 20 sticks of dynamite. Safety containers protect workers by minimizing the risk of fires when handling hazardous liquids.

Justrite Safety Cans and Containers

 offer safe storage for flammable liquids for workplace environments. With Justrite safety cans, accidents and fire risks are minimized, protecting people and resulting in a safer workplace. Safety cans and containers by Justrite are designed with safety codes in mind to meet a variety of different safety regulations.

Justrite containers meet NFPA and OSHA standards, most are FM Global approved and/or Underwriters Laboratories listed, and many models carry worldwide acceptance with TUV certification. They serve several critical functions:

  • Contain hazardous liquids, controlling vapors to reduce the risk of fire and protect workers

  • Comply with federal OSHA regulations, as well as state and local fire codes

  • Make your job easier by improving efficiency - engineered with features that enhance pouring and filling operations

Safety Containers
Safety Container Safety Can are a necessary part of compliance for safety in the workplace. Justrite believes that they are much more. A Justrite Safety Can is a useful, hardworking tool that adds convenience while facilitating safe transfer of flammable liquids ensuring the safety of personnel and protection of the facilities where they are used.

Safety Cans serve several critical functions:
Safely contain hazardous liquids and control vapors to reduce the risk of fire, protecting both personnel and facilities
Offer compliance with federal OSHA regulations and state and local fire codes
Improve efficiency with ease-of-use features to enhance pouring and filling operations
Virtually every place of business, and even homeowners, have occasion to use flammable or combustible liquids. Gasoline, chemicals, solvents, and a variety of other hazardous liquids are found in varying amounts and locations. Whereas these liquids are relatively commonplace, it is important to understand the dangers they present and the special storage and handling procedures required to ensure safe usage. Reviewing the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) helps determine liquid characteristics and recommended safety practices.

Accidents and fire risks can be minimized by using proper safety equipment. NFPA is specific on what is required of a safety can in order for it to perform as expected under fire conditions. The basic purpose of a safety can is the control of flammable vapors, while providing a convenient means of carrying, dispensing, and storing up to five gallons of flammable liquid.

All Justrite safety cans undergo rigorous testing requirements by independent third party agencies and have received certification from Factory Mutual (FM Approved) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL and ULC Listed). Justrite offers an exclusive Ten- Year Warranty on all safety cans. Let Justrite Safety Cans help you meet all your needs for flammable liquid dispensing and containment.

Andrew U

Genuine industrial Product.

This product is genuine without any form of adulteration its tested and trusted, i recommend it for all industrial usage, No cause for alarm you are Always Secured with Industrial Safety Nigeria product and services.

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    Justrite Safety Can

    Justrite Safety Can

    Safety cans from Safety Nigeria are the secure way to store flammable fuels, and help prevent hazardous accidents and mishaps.....

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