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Laboratory consumables are equipment that only have limited use, as in it can be used until it is 'run out' and then must be disposed of. Some examples of these materials include pipettes, syringes, beakers, funnels and test tubes. They can also include disposable gloves, face masks and shoe covers. In some instances items can be used more than once, but in other cases the re-use of such items could introduce cross contamination, and due to this the materials must be disposed of.

Lab supplies are used for conducting controlled and precise tests, research, and experiments in laboratories. Labware, lab trays, and lab pans are used to transport, store, and hold material in the lab.

Laboratory Consumables are components of end products which are used for various experiments | Consumables are goods that must be replaced regularly because they wear out or are used up | Lab Consumables maybe disposable and reusable.