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Sweeping Compound

When you want to get your floors as clean as possible in the most efficient way possible, you need to use floor Sweeping Compound. Sweeping Compound helps prevent the dirt, debris and dust from flying around when sweeping making the floors dirty all over again when the air particles settle back onto the floor.

Use floor sweeping compound from industries safety nigeria to sweep up dirt and debris more thoroughly and without raising a huge cloud of dust. Choose from gritless oil base, standard oil base and wood pulp and sorbent types. Make Safety Nigeria your one-stop shop for sweeping compound and all your other cleaning supplies.

Sweeping compounds are easy to use and are an affordable tool for cleaning floors. Simply scatter a light covering of sweeping compound on the floor and then sweep it up with a broom. The dust, dirt and light debris will stick to the compound thereby thoroughly removing it all. Floor sweeping compound is an excellent economic choice in floor cleaning since only a little is needed for a thorough and complete clean.

There are different types of sweeping compound available on the market today. Oil-based sweeping compound provides maximum dirt and dust absorbency by attracting and holding the dirt until it is swept away. This cost-effective oil-based sweeping compound works well on floors that are made of concrete, tile, wood, and unfinished flooring. The other type of sweeping compound is called wax-based. Wax-based sweeping compound not only cleans finished floors, but conditions them, too. Use wax-base sweeping compound for cleaning terrazzo, marble, painted, and waxed floors. Ideal for use in museums, gyms, and churches which all tend to have fine floors.

Whichever type of sweeping compound you need, you can be sure that has exactly what you need a price that is fair and affordable. Our quality floor cleaning products are great for industrial, commercial and residential locations. If you happen to have any questions regarding any of our products or even about cleaning techniques, just give us a call. Our trained customer service representatives are knowledgeable in everything that is cleaning-related and can help get you the answers you need. Trust for all of your cleaning needs and so much more.