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Buy your cheapest Hoist equipment here at Industries Safety Nigeria. In safety nigeria, we store over 30,000 industrial hoist equipment ranging and not limited to Air Power Hoist, chain containers, Electric Hoists, Manual Hoists, Trolleys. 

Hoists can be pendant controlled to maximize the distance between the operator and the load for safety.

For vertical lifting of freely suspended, heavy, bulky loads, hoisting equipment (or hoists) works in conjunction with overhead cranes and workstation cranes. Their lifting capacities depend on their construction. Their travel is directed by an operator, either manually or with a wired pendant station or wireless controls. Typical applications include helping operators in manufacturing, warehousing and construction to lift loads in support of production or storage activities, loading and unloading, or one process to the next.

What is Hoisting Equipment?

Hoisting Equipment lifts loads with either link or roller chain or wire rope. It is powered one of three ways and is used with a number of attachments to facilitate load lift, including:

  • Manual hoists lift a load under the direction of an operator who typically raises and lowers a lever to activate a ratchet and pawl configuration that incrementally lifts or lowers the load, or to apply or release tension; also called a lever hoist, comealong, ratchet lever hoist, ratchet hoist or wire rope puller. Hand chain hoists are a type of manual hoist powered by a hand chain to lift or lower the load.
  • Air hoists or pneumatic hoists are powered by pneumatically driven motors. When equipped with a chain as the lifting mechanism, they are called air chain hoists. Likewise, when equipped with a wire rope as the lifting medium, they are called air wire rope hoists. These hoists are often used in environments that require electric spark avoidance due to a potentially explosive atmosphere.
  • Electric hoists are powered by electrically driven motors.

How is Hoist Equipment used?

Hoisting equipment is used in a variety of areas to support processing and handling throughout a facility:

  • Assembly: Moving products through production processes
  • Positioning: Securing a component for additional work
  • Transportation: Loading finished products onto open trailers or railcars
  • Staging: Holding work-in-process for additional production processes
  • Storage: Transporting heavy items to and from storage areas
  • Warehousing: Moving large, heavy products to and from docks

Where is Hoist Equipment used?

Hoisting equipment assists in the lifting and positioning of large, heavy loads in a variety of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Commercial printing
  • Manufacturing
  • Newspaper
  • Paper
  • Steel
  • Warehousing and distribution

Explore our Hoist Equipment catalogue and place your orders not. You can place your orders over the phone via, order hot-lines 070033338888, 08064338888, 09093333374 or send us an email to

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