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Beta: High Quality Professional Hand Tools
Beta Tools are widely considered as one of the most experienced and respected hand tool manufacturers in the world. Recognised worldwide by their characteristic orange colour, they can be seen in industry, automotive workshops and even the pit lanes of F1 and MotoGP.

The materials, ergonomics, precision and finish all demonstrate unbeatable quality and an attention to detail that sets Beta apart from the others. The well-known durability of Beta Tools owes as much to state-of-the-art manufacturing, as to the fact that the company is located in a region in Italy that produces some of the world’s finest steel. This is underpinned by the genuine Lifetime Warranty.

Beta has been owned and managed by the founding family since 1939. The family retains the same passion for their brand today as it’s ever done. It’s not about short-term profit margins and turnover but the commitment to quality and innovation. When you buy Beta Tools you become part of that family.

Solutions for Industry
Tool Control Systems / Custom Foam Inserts
Beta Tools offer 2 options of prefabricated tool control systems - the Soft Module System and the Hard-thermoformed Tray System. These are designed to provide the ultimate protection for your tools - fitting snugly in all standard Beta Tools storage containers and/or boxes.

Alternatively, compile your desired tools and we will create one-off foam inserts to house each tool safely and securely. Our tool control systems are especially useful when toolboxes are being moved around and the two-tone foams help you to quickly identify missing tools. This service is available for any toolbox and can also be applied to hand held boxes - creating a great protective environment for your items.

Learn more about our Tool Control Systems or contact us to discuss your requiremnets.